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mike w horse

Hey!  So glad you're checking my web site out!

Maybe you got sent here because of my upcoming ride to help fight Multiple Sclerosis.

I'm riding again with the Karbach Cycling Team.  We'll ride from Houston to Austin.

This will be my third time doing this ride.  I am very excited about it!

I DO need your support, so please make a contribution.  Even $5. would help.  

Here's the link to click to go contribute to my 2018 MS-150 fund-raising for MS.


  The Valero Ride to the River, 2017, was AWESOME!!

The ride was almost ideal.  The wind was insignificant.  The temperature was
not uncomfortably warm.  The hills were the only real challenge, and only a couple of them
were actually in the "extreme" category.

I had two flats (front tire) on Saturday, and another on Sunday.  That tire has now been replaced.

I rode a century (100 miles) on Saturday and 38 miles on Sunday.  It was a very enjoyable weekend.

My buddy David rode with me and we stayed at the Karbach Compound on Friday night.  It was a blast!