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I've signed up for my second MS-150, Houston to Austin ride!

Click here to donate to MS in my name.  (Thanks!)

Most people in Houston are familiar with the Houston-to-Austin ride held annually. 
My twin brother and older brother both have ridden that ride several times.  I rode it for the first time in April, this year.  (It became the MS-100 when weather forced cancellation of Day 2.)  I enjoyed the ride SO much.  The wind was at our backs the whole way. 

Thank you very much for your support!

Check out my Strava heat map  and see all the places I've ridden my bicycle since late August, 2014. 

What's the weather like at Mike's house right now?

Weather Underground PWS KTXHOUST650

View data from my personal weather station, which is connected to
The Weather Underground via Raspberry Pi.

My newest hobby is flying toy-class quadcopters.  I got one for Christmas, and immediately
upgraded to a slightly fancier one with a camera.

Here's a video I put together:

Here is a playlist of videos I've made with/about flying my Syma X5C-1.

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