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Mike at Boquillas

  The 2018 Valero Ride to the River is coming up!  I need support!

This year I'm doing something a little different.  A raffle.

Each person contributing to my ride with a contribution of $10 or more will be entered
into a raffle.  We'll put all names onto paper slips and all slips will be put into a bin and
shaken around a while.  Then a 3rd party will draw one of the slips.

One contributor will receive a cash prize of $50.

I can tell you right now that there won't be that many entries, so your odds are much, much
better than, say, winning $50 in the Texas Lottery.  So sign up and be sure to let me know how to reach you!

Click below to contribute.  You can remain anonymous as far as the MS web site is concerned, but
I'll still be notified of your name and your contribution.  (Thanks in advance.)

I will need to know how to reach you if your name is drawn for the $50 prize, so shoot
me an email at mdmesser001 at gmail.com  (just replace the " at " with the @ symbol.)

NOTE: I'm having a separate drawing for my office.  So if you're a coworker of mine, know
you're only in the drawing with other coworkers of mine!

Click here to support me.

Check out my Strava heat map  and see all the places I've ridden my bicycle since late August, 2014. 

I have a weather station on my roof, and it's connected to a Raspberry Pi which
sends the data up to the Weather Underground's PWS web page.  Check out the current readings:

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